Jay Baruchel Hits the Road for a Horror Comic-Con in First Footage from ‘Random Acts of Violence’ [Fantastic Fest]

Horror superfan Jay Baruchel – who regularly attends the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal – produced, directed, and starred in Random Acts of Violence, which will have its World Premiere at the ongoing Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

The Cabin in the Woods’ Jesse Williams costars with Jordana Brewster, who you remember from Platinum Dunes’ remake of  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In the film, “Todd Walkley (Williams) and his publisher Ezra (Baruchel) made their careers crafting a comic book based on a real-life serial killer called Slasherman. On a press tour to announce the launch of their final issue, they visit the town where Slasherman wreaked havoc twenty years earlier. Upon their arrival, a series of new murders unfold… murders that look eerily familiar to imagery in Todd’s Slasherman comics. Speculation and paranoia build regarding the identity of the mysterious killer.”

The press release exclaims that the film “has no shortage of extreme, gruesome, graphic bloodshed. Whoever is committing these crimes is driven by tremendous anger. The brutality of these murders should not be taken lightly.”

The road trip horror movie is based on the graphic novel written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

Baruchel was previously seen in the horror-comedy This Is the End and in the FXX comedy Man Seeking Woman, which has more than a handful of horror-themed and ultra-violent sequences.

Check out this first piece of footage in which Ezra and Todd debate whether it’s actually the final issue. Unfortunately, there’s no bloodshed in this clip.